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"Not all those who wander are lost."
- JRR Tolkien

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Vienna Abroad is 2!

How time flies!! 

Over 700 days old. It seems like just yesterday I had a small twinkle in my eye and a yearning to travel. It feels like just last week that I arrived in London, wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. 

Funny how things turn out. 

photo taken at Bruges Christmas Market 

The adventure never stops though, and life keeps going. I can’t wait to plan my next big trip. Stay tuned :) 


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For Margaret

My grandmother passed away late last night. She lived a full and happy life. I wrote this poem for her. 

Where the flowers go, we can not know.
And where the sun goes, we can not follow.
But if I should fall, on bended knee,
to ask you oh so tenderly,
"Oh, my darling, will you wait for me?"
If I should ride on horses swift,
will you call to me from the abyss?
Tomorrow’s dawn has yet to rise,
and as I gaze upon your eyes,
I see the fire burning bright.
Please, let me help you win your fight.
I know I can not follow you,
or ride my horse so strong and true,
to vanquish the space that divides me from you.
But I know in my heart I will see you again.
And as I wipe away the tears of my sorrow,
Promise me you’ll wait for me in the tomorrow.

RIP <3

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Home: Retrospective II

500 Days. 12,000 Hours. 7 million minutes.
That’s how long I was in away for.

122 Days. 2922 Hours. 1 million minutes.
That’s how long I’ve been back from London.

Almost every hour of every day, I miss it. The time I’ve spent back is slowly inching and gaining on the duration of time I spent away. It’s a most peculiar feeling.

But this post isn’t meant to linger on sadness. It’s not even meant to be bittersweet. It’s supposed to be a reflection of the journey I’ve taken - from here to there and back again. 

Winter is finally here, and with it comes a mixed bag of emotions. The crisp, cold air that brutally jolts you awake silently taunts you that Summer has left, but gives hope to the allure that Christmas is teasingly just around the corner. But the underbelly of the beast remains largely unnoticed by most. This time of year is hard on many. Not only for the homeless or impoverished, but for anyone simply going through a difficult time, the “holiday season” can  be a double-edged sword. 
Daylight is shorter, and the bitter cold can cut right through to your bones, but the cold somehow seems to nourish a festive cheer in most. People are more joyous and open around this time of year. It’s a nice change from the norm.

Again, I digress.
There is some sort of poetic, yet cruel symmetry going on here. I spent Christmas last year home in Vancouver. A quick two week trip. Geographically I am in the same place, though mentally I am not. The difference is that last year, I carried with me the prospect of returning to  London after my visit; this year I harbour slight self-resentment at the fact that I have no London to go back to. I realise it must sound like I’m complaining! “Boo-hoo, life is so hard for this privileged, born-into-the-developed-world, post-secondary educated female.” Ha! I’m not complaining, really! I am truly grateful for every single thingI have. I don’t for one second think that my life is “unfair” or “hard”. But, every person, no matter what colour, creed, race, or gender, has their own trials and tribulations in their life. 

I’m immeasurably lucky to have been able to do what I did. I’m super grateful for all help and encourage I received along the way. That being said, it’s okay for me to be sad that it’s over. My mind is focused on the future that lies ahead, but my heart still remembers all the lovely times I’ve had in the past. Perfect symbiosis

Though I may be slightly sad, I retain the hope, optimism, and wisdom that I gained from having been away. I promise to myself that I will not forget all the lessons that I learned (both good and bad!), and that I will continually strive to be the best person I can be. 

2014 will bring about changes. Just because I’m no longer living abroad doesn’t mean I won’t grow, or travel, or have new adventures. Nor does it mean that I will never live abroad ever again. Who knows?! I have the rest of my life to live and dream!

Life is what we make of it.
I plan on making mine as amazing as possible.
The question now is: How about you?

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